17th May 2018

Sexy Paragraph (01)

Should footballers be allowed to be gay?

s.  There has been no gay footballers in the Premier league Officially.

E. The last footballer to come out about being gay, Ended up taking his own life. For centuries of the wonderful game football / soccer, footballers have been pressurised by fans and teammates about coming out about their Feelings towards the same-sex. Could you imagine your own fans shouting abuse at you just because of your sexual beliefs.

X.  A footballer of the name Justin Fashanu took his own life in 1998 only 8 years after coming out, even Liverpool star Robbie Fowler was threatened by Luiz Felipe Scolari announcing he’d throw gay players off his team. To make matters worse, This years FIFA world cup is held in Russia where people will get physically abused for holding hands with someone of the same gender. If you thought that was bad enough the 2022 Cup is told  to be held in Qatar where homosexuality is illegal. Last September, LGBT charity Stonewall announced that recent research found that 72% of football fans have heard homophobic abuse  while watching live sports in the past five years.

Y. These statistics show the cruel reality of Football and how normal everyday people can’t come out about their homosexual beliefs because of pressures held by their own fans. No human should have to feel this way and should be respected for their talents and not what they believe in.




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  1. Good content in your paragraph next time maybe stick to your statement.

  2. this is a top quality paragraph. you spoke very passionately about the topic and it was executed nicely. good job jack liddelllllllllllllll


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