28th June 2018

New Chocolate room

The Train chugged along the unordinary tracks this was like no other train you have seen before sweet slimy and sticky, the green jelly-like substance managed to hold the train together. You board the train and inside you can see the seats are made of candy the windows are made of candy almost everything was made of candy besides the driver, who was a middle-aged man around 40 years old but almost had an un-human appearance about him you can’t tell if its the fact he’s the same size as a school desk or that the person directly opposite him is completely identical. The train begins to dock off towards the triangular shaped object in the distance. The train moved at a speed close to a waddling duck and by the time you get to the impressive oversized piece of triangular chocolate that had been in the distance for over an hour the novelty of a jelly train has worn off. The fantastic tunnel of the triangular chocolate is lined with sweetly coated candy canes the hold the tracks of the train, gigantic kitkats that stretch up to reach the topless celling all joined together by bright colourful gummy drops that slowly drip from the chocolate making wonderful running rivers of sweets that travel under the tracks.

You slowly approach the pink waffle cakes that made the platform floor and you are invited off the train by more small men dressed up in blue suits that obviously didn’t fit them as the sleeves stretched far over their hands like untied shoelaces and small hats that came down to their eyes. You begin to approach one of the lights posts that lights up the miles of the train station that fitted inside the chocolate you grab the light post and take a conservative bite, the sweet tangy taste of what seems to be a black liquorice stick. You can’t stop consuming the post its one of the best tastes you have every witnessed bite after bite until you are left with the magically powered bulb floating in the air. Above you cemented to the roof are five gigantic clear pipes with molten hot chocolate flowing through like a stream of marvellous delights all the tubes are heading towards one door with a huge padlock that looked like it weighed a tonne, but what more was  beside the overpowering padlock a crisp clean window that looked like it got polished every minute. You start to approach this window with your eyes stuck to it like glue to a book and inside this window there was Not a human nor creature nor shape or sound but a box, the perfect box of chocolate. Made delicately from every type of chocolate know to man over many years to develop the most rich taste imaginable. You wonder how you know this much about this box you have just seen, and then realise the sign to your left that you must have glanced at on your way over. The box got loaded onto a train but not the jelly train you slowly arrived to this sweet wonderland on, no this train was less exciting  in fact it would have blended in to any other normal train you would see on the street. But on the inside is the most sensational tastes you could ever feel your mouth begins to water just of the thought. The train is about to set off as you realise how badly you need to try this piece of art.

You gallop after the train waving your hands like a lunatic until you reach the fresh cold feel of steel of the train’s carriage. moments away from victory you slither towards the boxes like a snake in the Savannah. The velvet smooth white box containing the delightful chocolate felt like the wonders of a brand new pillow curiously you open the delicate box of chocolate as steam pours from the sides of your fingers and light shreds out from inside. Gold chocolate, gold chocolate blood rushes around your body like madness you close the box the open and then close it, once more you open the box in disbelief how could anyone eat such a majestic masterpiece like this you reach out and grasp the bar so tightly blood begins to escape from under your fingertips and rush back in to your body you draw the bard towards your mouth, CRUNCH the intense sensation of a stale chocolate bar that tastes like it went off over a hundred years ago begins to crumble in your mouth sticking to the on the sides of your gums there was only one word for this taste, dirt, like eating a pile of dirt smelly, disgusting and dry. Scraping the leftovers of the so-called chocolate of your tongue it was a sensation you won’t soon forget.

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