The Train chugged along the unordinary tracks this was like no other train you have seen before sweet slimy and sticky, the green jelly-like substance managed to hold the train together. You board the train and inside you can see the seats are made of candy the windows are made of candy almost everything was […]

Delicate- describing how a person is walking down the street Relaxed shoulders, no expression walking down the path respecting it as if it was a person soft, slow. almost oblivious to time and purpose, they are familiar with this path as each foot always lifts off the path and calmly back towards the ground. pleasing- […]

Street view Your shoes struggle to find balancing along the rocky uneven path of the village pavement. The heavy havoc of the road beside you cuts out the peaceful beautiful whistle of the native birds in the lush green bush above. standing out like a sore thumb is a thriving green building which has no place […]

A moment in Times Square As we sat down in the back of the worn seats of the yellow cab the world around us came to life with the most hypnotizing scene of lights. The cab could bearly squish between the huge masses of people like a school of fish wandering the streets with their […]

Romeo and Juliet essay 10BP   “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite”-Romeo. This is expressing fate though Romeo’s feelings it is seen throughout the play and is referred to as the sea being his fate and he is […]

Should footballers be allowed to be gay? s.  There has been no gay footballers in the Premier league Officially. E. The last footballer to come out about being gay, Ended up taking his own life. For centuries of the wonderful game football / soccer, footballers have been pressurised by fans and teammates about coming out […]

Would you rather be  brave fool or a clever coward I would rather be a Brave fool Because being brave means you are more out going which will create more opportunities for yourself and to control the fool in you,  

The end of Juliet was a reminder that not all books and films have a happy ever after. But it was not one to be emotional over both characters where weak and showed that they knew nothing of love as they killed themselves after a week of meeting each other The story conclusion was weak […]

“i defy you stars” Defy- To rebel against an order, Romeo uses defy when he is planning to disobey his order of banishment and is ready to ride back into Verona. This has significance because if Romeo does dare to defy his banishment he knows he must die.   ‘come cordial and not poison, go […]

Delay this marriage for a month a week, or if you don’t make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies. Juliet  would rather die than marry Paris on Thursday. Ill go to the Friar to know bis remedy if all else fail, myself have power to die. She will go to Friar […]