13th June 2018

Street View

Street view

Your shoes struggle to find balancing along the rocky uneven path of the village pavement. The heavy havoc of the road beside you cuts out the peaceful beautiful whistle of the native birds in the lush green bush above. standing out like a sore thumb is a thriving green building which has no place amongst the old calm townhouses of the village. There was something about this building, how it was shaped like a triangle? or the weird creamy green colour of the building. You approach the building with your eyes stuck to this window like glue to a book, and inside this window, there was. Not a human nor creature nor shape or sound But a box, not just an ordinary box but a box of meal-mates. In all its glory it shined like a star with its perfect edges and all-round shape the hours of thought that must have gone into this rectangular box is unimaginable, and only for $2.50! It was the bargain of the century a collector’s item, one many people can only dream of.

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